Tattoos do hurt when they are being performed but the pain is not intolerable. Certain places on the body hurt more than others.
Your Sternum, Ribs, Hands and Feet are very sensitive. The next most sensitive areas would be Ankles, Neck, Underarm, Groin area and Head followed by Lower back, arms, forearms, shoulder blade, calves, outer thigh and bottom.
Is it also true that each person has different pain tolerances. If you are nervous tell your tattoo artist and they will do their best to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
Always try to eat something sugary before your tattoo as your sugar level may drop.

Firstly we need to decide upon your tattoo, draw it and discuss your requirements. The actual tattooing time is dependent on size and detail of tattoo. A Chinese symbol may take ten minutes, a small black tribal the size of your hand may take 45 minutes. For larger pieces i.e. Alice in Wonderland tattoo on your whole back, you can be tattooed for as long as you can take. Usually this is up to four hours. Regular weekly, monthly sessions would be needed until the piece is finished.

A tattoo could be described like a cat scratch where you are badly sunburnt or a deep burning sensation at times, also you may feel a slight vibration. It is a unique feeling that can only be described through experience and everybody’s experience can be different depending on their own personal pain tolerances.

It is possible to tattoo anywhere on the whole body apart from the eyes! We will perform tattoos to the neck, hands, genital areas however, we will need to consult with you on an individual basis, as tattoos do still carry stigma and work restrictions, and what you liked when you were 18 you may no longer appreciate at 25! But we want you to get tattooed we just take our responsibility seriously in Jack’s Tattoo Studio.

Generally they look good after two weeks. However some people can take longer to heal depending on the individual. A lot depends on age, health, diet, medication, alcohol consumption, and care of the tattoo after the process is complete. The closer you follow the care instructions, the better the tattoo will heal.

We do not tattoo under 18 year olds under any circumstances.
If you have any severe chemical sensitivities, allergies, medical conditions please consult your doctor prior to getting any work done.

Any form of skin stretching may alter the shape of a tattoo i.e. pregnancy or weight gain. The colours may also fade. There are remedies though, touch-ups and re-colouring are options. Never pick a tattoo with too much detail in too small a design as over the years slight spreading will occur and detail will be lost.

Depending on the condition of the scar it is possible to tattoo over it. The age and the condition of the scar will have to be looked at. If the skin surface is extremely raised or extremely thin, that skin may not accept ink.

As for covering up existing tattoos, that can definitely be done. Typically a new piece will need to be larger and possibly darker than the existing tattoo. Clever use of shading, colours and good positioning all come into play but it is possible to do amazing things with old faded or just unwanted tattoos.

It is very hard to tell you how much a tattoo will cost without seeing it first. You can always email a picture to us and we will get back to you with an estimate. The minimum cost for a tattoo is £50, this is to cover completely new sterile needles and sterile equipment for every customer.