Our aim is to give you a high quality tattoo, with the perfect design and positioning that you desire, in a clean, sterile and friendly environment.

We have reception staff whose job it is to look after you! Meaning that there are no long periods of time spent waiting to speak to someone. Immediately when you arrive they will help you choose a design, answer any questions you may have, and give you a price for your tattoo. If you cannot find the tattoo you are after, they will do their best to help you find it. If you still have no luck, one of our artists will draw exactly what you are after. We try to take from your mind what you are after and put it on paper.

For custom work, and large pieces one of our tattoo artists will sit down with you and work out what you would like and what would suit you. As one on one with your tattoo artist is the perfect way for your both to share your thoughts and achieve the best possible results.

After you pick your design you will then either go straight through to the tattoo artist, or you can book in for another day with a small deposit. Whichever suits you best. Usually there is a wait for the tattoo artist, but you will be told at what time to return, so you do not have to sit around all day! We try to have someone available to tattoo you on the same day, every day.

If you EVER have any complaints on the service you receive then please do not hesitate to call me Jackie on 07904 577140. Customer care is very important to me and I want all my customers to be happy, satisfied and back for more!