Toms work

Full time in our Loughton Studio.

Hello there, my name is Tom or Big T... as im refered to in the studio by the crew, and this is my portfolio of the type of tattooing I've been up to. 

Ok, so if time is your thing then I've been a Tattooist now for around five years and did a years apprenticeship at Eds head tattoo studio in my home land of Chelmsford,

I've also worked in a few studios in and around Essex 

I prefer the use of black and grey ink with a hint of colour and will take my hand to any style as long as i am comfortable with it .

 Custom work is more my thing,  But, i do flash work as-well, as i see it is all part of the show and is a major root of Tattoo! I Also put  just as much into it as my own concepts for this very reason .

I have also put a few sketches in, to show you some of my raw style!!
if you like what you see hit me up at Jacks Tattoo Loughton



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